Everybody can be a barista

Just how you like it

A strong espresso, the perfect cappuccino, a delicious lungo – whatever you prefer to drink; true flavour is in the smallest details. Only when the conditions are exactly right, you’ll get the coffee that really suits you.

That’s exactly what we offer with the latest edition in our award winning OptiBean series. Its core has been completely redesigned to bring you precision in taste.

Cup, after cup, after cup.

Must-have machine for coffee lovers

OptiBean X is the newest edition in our prize-winning OptiBean series. Its core has been completely redesigned, and there are numerous options to further upgrade your coffee, including:


  • Consistent in-cup quality
  • Adjustable pressure and extraction time
  • Brew two cups at once
  • Up to 24 coffee variations


  • Up to 3 canisters
  • Enlargement set for bean hoppers or instant canisters
  • One or two coffee grinders
  • Fresh brew option


  • Black, white, wood
  • Company logo
  • Drip tray
  • Coffee tag for bean hopper


  • Compatible with various payment systems (MDB)
  • Cup detection
  • Cup dispenser
  • Cup warmer
  • Water tank

Our models, menu's and Accessories

  • X-press brewer capacity 6 – 20 gr / 25 – 350 ml
  • Capacity boiler: 1.1 ltr 1800W
  • Brewing time, cup (120 ml): 20 – 30 sec
  • Electical connection: 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 1950W

The Optibean X is available in a multitude of models with different options and a variety of accessories and extra’s. Download our brochure or reach out for more detailed information.

The perfect coffee takes a perfect machine

We make coffee machines and equipment for people who want to serve good coffee. User-friendly machines with a variety of options that are durable and convenient to maintain.

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